Winged Nymphs

This type of nymphs are new developed based on 2 years of fishing in rivers with high educated fish. I use this fly especially for trout in deep, medium or low running pools where big fish are located.

The nymph bellow is one of my favorite for trout:
winged nymph tied with CDC and mad rabbit dubbing by Lucian Vasies

One for grayling:

Hot Time Emerger

Ok, I returned back after a while (problems with hackers who put down 3 times my blog).

Here is a simple emerger tied with CDC only. I use only CDC for body and I use only CDC for wing.  What I like at this fly is  the air bobbles attached on the body and  how the CDC   barbs from the wing moves and keep the shape of the imitated fly:

CDC emerger
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Ants for fishing trout and grayling

The ants season starting. You can see them everywhere, on the rivers bank, in the trees ,  very happy and full of energy. When small rains start, these ants are flushed away into the rivers. In that moment all fish eat  with frenzy all terrestrial bugs.

So in these situation  my advice is to have a few flies that look like ants because you will have very pleasant  surprises catching  nice fish.

ants without wings:

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Fly tying – a better nymph for smart fish

For those who like to fish with nymphs here is one nymph that I use on rivers with high pressure of fishing. I like to use and test new materials because in time the fish will know all flies used by fishermen (of course if C&R is used) and will be difficult to catch.
So here where I am, in Lombardia – Italy, I like to go on river Adda, a famous river here in Italy. All the time I met fishermen and all the time I fish in places where others tried to catch a few trout with 10min or a half hour before. This is the reason that I modified a little bit my nymphs.
One of them is described bellow:
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Tying a simple emerger with CDC

Nothing complicated, only a bunch of CDC and dubbing. Any beginner can make this fly and seems that the trout love this fly especially on lakes.
The common mistakes made by others is: cutting the CDC, the wing is not long enough, not enough CDC feathers.
These flies are tied on size #12 Daiichi B155
I used for every fly 5 feathers – natural black Ultra Selected CDC
For hot spot I used red thread
For dubbing – I used emerger dubbing
For ribbing I used: UV ribbing quill
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Super Floating Sedge

The Super Floating Sedge is a fly that I love to use  in  big rivers or big lakes for large trout and grayling. This fly  is easy and funny tot tie  and I recommend it for any  beginner fly tyier in using CDC for making bodies or wing for his flies.


Hooks: Demmon DSD 100BL for very big and strong fish or Maruto D04 BL for  small and medium fish.

Thread: 17/0 Uni or 8/0 Uni is great. For me 17/0 is one of the best thread that I use  and I like it very much because is very thin and easy to work  with

Body: Top Grade CDC in light grey brown or Khaki Campbell CDC

Wing :Wing CDC in grey dun or Khaki Campbell CDC

I prefer to use “Wing CDC” instead of other type of CDC due the  high density of the barbs.