My nymphs for Dunajec and San rivers

I love to fish trout, is a fantastic fish, smart, a a great fighter and difficult to catch if is picky. I like to tie all the time “fresh” nymphs for starting season. Unfortunately I leaved Italy for Romania and here the fishing season starts on first may. So I have to go in Poland, a very nice country with fantastic rivers and great people. On first April I will go on Dunajec and San for a few days and I have to fill my fishing box with my nymphs for Dunajec and San rivers.

I tied them on barbless hooks all the time and the sizes are bigger than the rest of them used in Summer and Autumn. For example for fast flowing parts of the river I use flies tied even on size #10 but normally I tie on #12 and #14.
Bellow you can see a part of my flies:
nymphs for Dunajec

other nymphs for Dunajec


If the water will be very clear I will use a few more skinny flies like these bellow:




For jigging I like very much these flies because they have a lot of “life” :



Soon will complete with other models :)