The Italian Job- the olive cdc emerger

I know this fantastic fly from an Italian friend. I use this fly  for Winter grayling fishing. It is one of the best dry fly that I use in this period.


Hooks: Demmon G900 BL #16-18

Thread: Textreme Pure Silk in olive, light olive, medium olive colors

Wing: CDC Khaki Campbell

Hackle: Whiting Brahma Hackle – one turn


PT Variants for Grayling

Here are 3 flies for grayling that I use  to fish in  Central and East Europe:

Orange Neck Pheasant Tail Variant – is popular all European Countries  like ( France, Spain, Italy,  Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Poland, Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro and Romania )

Orange Torax Pheasant Tail Variant is  popular in  Central Eastern Countries ( Czech and Slovack Republics, Poland and Romania )

Back Orange Phasant Tail Variant – is popular in Central Europe and Italy

…and  all of them ready for fishing


Quill Baetis

This fly is one of the best nymph for fishing grayling using french style of nymphing.

For fishing trout I recommend to apply a layer of UV Resin from Deer Creek. In this way the body will be indestructible.


Hooks: Maruto Dohitomi D82 BL size #16

Thread: 17/0 Uni Thread

Body: hand cleaned peacock quill -natural color

Tail: nutria guard hair -dark natural

Torax: mad rabbit dubbing in natural and yellow mixed

Legs: hen mottled barbs from Brahma hen

Back: cream and olive body thread from Devaux


happy tying :)