The Italian Job- the olive cdc emerger

I know this fantastic fly from an Italian friend. I use this fly  for Winter grayling fishing. It is one of the best dry fly that I use in this period.


Hooks: Demmon G900 BL #16-18

Thread: Textreme Pure Silk in olive, light olive, medium olive colors

Wing: CDC Khaki Campbell

Hackle: Whiting Brahma Hackle – one turn


4 thoughts on “The Italian Job- the olive cdc emerger

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  3. Wow, – where have you been and why haven’t I found your excellent website before now ? Maybe blog sites on WordPress, (like my blog) are more difficult to find than those on the Blogger server ?
    Almost every fly here will be valid on the chalkstreams where I fish. From now on I will be a regular visitor, – want to sit and read every previous article but I will be late for work so I will do it later tonight. Thank you, I’ll be tying up some of your patterns this week.

  4. Thanks Robert, I’m glad that you find interesting info for you. I will make new articles, right now I have a wordpress problem but I hope I will resolve it soon.
    I like your blog, is very interesting,

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