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A few words about me : my name is Lucian Vasies, I’m a Romanian passionate fly tier and fly fisher. I started to tie my first flies at age of 6 when I caught my first trout. It was a very funny story with my first fly and my first trout. I  was in holiday with my parents in mountains, I sneaked in a chicken coop from a local communist mountain ranger. That guy was the only one in that area with the right to have  birds and domestic animals  (difficult times  back there in ’80), I took some feathers and I succeeded to  wrap the feather on the hook shank. After a few casts I caught my first trout. I was  so happy but also surprised by the attach of the fish because right away I felt down in the cold river. Even now, after years I remember that scene…
After a long period of fishing with lures at age of 27 I returned at my old desk and I started learning tying flies based on  advises received from friends and of course  after reading many books.  From then I fish manly only with fly rod and very rare I fish with lure and soft lure. The fish that I love is grayling and I go for it in Lapland, East Europe – Romania,  Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia and of course in Italy where I live for a while. I write fishing articles in several magazines in my country and others for more than 10 years, and I’m a active user on different fly fishing forums for many years.

I’m a CI  FFF  instructor – until now the first and the only  Romanian  fly casting instructor. I’m consultant for my family business :www.troutline.ro , a shop with fly fishing and fly tying materials. When I have time I tie flies for my friends but only my range of flies that I use in my fishing trips. I cannot tie flies that I never tested on water  without being satisfied.

If somebody wants to contact me , please use my email: vasies.lucian{at}gmail.com

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