Jigs for early season

In March and April is very cold outside  so you need a flies that goes very fast in the feeding area.

A great solution for me is to use nymph tied on jig hooks.

A newbie fisherman will ask why jigs? It is  simple: because  they don’t snag on the bottom very easy and because  these flies tied on jig hooks swim with the point  up.

Models are not complicated at all but in the rivers with high fishing  pressure you have to  be creative. A GRHE fly can be modified  a little bit using UV ribbing materials or holo tinsel.

Bellow you can find a step be step and a few models that I use  in cold, high  and muddy  waters:

Another  jig for muddy waters:

This one  is made  with Pure CDC Dubbing from Trout Line because CDC have more movement in waters than standard dubbing. I use this fly in deep poles with slow running waters.

Another series of  jig flies can be found here.

happy tying,