Super Floating Sedge

The Super Floating Sedge is a fly that I love to use  in  big rivers or big lakes for large trout and grayling. This fly  is easy and funny tot tie  and I recommend it for any  beginner fly tyier in using CDC for making bodies or wing for his flies.


Hooks: Demmon DSD 100BL for very big and strong fish or Maruto D04 BL for  small and medium fish.

Thread: 17/0 Uni or 8/0 Uni is great. For me 17/0 is one of the best thread that I use  and I like it very much because is very thin and easy to work  with

Body: Top Grade CDC in light grey brown or Khaki Campbell CDC

Wing :Wing CDC in grey dun or Khaki Campbell CDC

I prefer to use “Wing CDC” instead of other type of CDC due the  high density of the barbs.



UV Pink Bug – simple and sexy

This fly is very easy to tie and very effective  in Winter time for  grayling. In UK rivers this nymph is deadly and tied on very small hooks can be used  for French style of nymphing. If you tie this fly  on large and medium hooks you can use it forCzech nymphing

Materials used:

Hooks: Demmon DGS 900BL or Demmon DGH 900BL #14

Thread: Demmon Hot Spot Thread -fluo orange or any orange thread

Body:  UV Pink/Hot Pink Peter’s Ribbing Quill

Wire: Hends Red wire – optional

Torax: Troutline nymph dubbing –  hot pink or any  pink  dubbing

Bead: Bidoz   Pink bead or Bidoz  Orange bead