UV Pink Bug – simple and sexy

This fly is very easy to tie and very effective  in Winter time for  grayling. In UK rivers this nymph is deadly and tied on very small hooks can be used  for French style of nymphing. If you tie this fly  on large and medium hooks you can use it forCzech nymphing

Materials used:

Hooks: Demmon DGS 900BL or Demmon DGH 900BL #14

Thread: Demmon Hot Spot Thread -fluo orange or any orange thread

Body:  UV Pink/Hot Pink Peter’s Ribbing Quill

Wire: Hends Red wire – optional

Torax: Troutline nymph dubbing –  hot pink or any  pink  dubbing

Bead: Bidoz   Pink bead or Bidoz  Orange bead


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