Super Floating Sedge

The Super Floating Sedge is a fly that I love to use  in  big rivers or big lakes for large trout and grayling. This fly  is easy and funny tot tie  and I recommend it for any  beginner fly tyier in using CDC for making bodies or wing for his flies.


Hooks: Demmon DSD 100BL for very big and strong fish or Maruto D04 BL for  small and medium fish.

Thread: 17/0 Uni or 8/0 Uni is great. For me 17/0 is one of the best thread that I use  and I like it very much because is very thin and easy to work  with

Body: Top Grade CDC in light grey brown or Khaki Campbell CDC

Wing :Wing CDC in grey dun or Khaki Campbell CDC

I prefer to use “Wing CDC” instead of other type of CDC due the  high density of the barbs.



2 thoughts on “Super Floating Sedge

  1. How do you wind the cdc feather forward ? I´ve tried it yesterday but
    the result didn´t was the same like your picture. The CDC is a Swiss CDC
    selected quality.
    Are you just wind the feather and bring back the
    hackle with your fingers back ? It locks like on the picture that you
    wind the feather over the back. Thx for your reply.
    Are you using only 1 CDC feather ?

  2. Hi Volker, maybe the CDC is the problem : ). I’m joking :). When I make the palmer body, I fix the CDC from the tip. Take in consideration that you need feathers with slim stems. The feathers with stiff stems are not good, the fly will not have the same density of barbs in body and the stems will crack. The best CDC that I used is Wing CDC but this is my choice. I use more feathers to make the body. The numbers of them are correlated with the size of the hook. You can use any CDC you like. When you wrap the feathers around the shank, you have to arrange barbs in the back direction. When you will be close to the eye of the hook, leave 2-3mm free. Fix a wing made of 2-4 feathers to obtain a nice wing profile. This fly is very good for skating on the surface on the river, also float excellent! It was my best sedge used in lapland for many years of fishing there. Just pay attention after catching a fish, you have to wash the slim off from the barbs and use an amadou or silica gel to dry it. Cheers.

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