A simple thing

Back to fly tying desk :) Moving in other country for a period of time and having a second baby  is time consuming. I’m very anxious to gout for fishing  on river Adda here in Lombardia  it is raining a lot and  all the rivers from this area are ugly.

So  sometime staying in house, go out with children, making bread for fun and watching  the beautiful green-yellow- brownish leafs falling down from the trees gives you ideas hot to tie easy and fast and improve flies. This morning an idea about tying a CDC fly comes through my head: “why don’t you make an X with thread under the hackle? In this way you’ll spread nicely the CDC barbs and the silhouette of the fly will be very clear for the fish. Beside that the fly can by tied  on small hooks  very easy, can be  cast  a present easy on the water, only nice things!

My friend here is my idea and I’m sure that you’ll like it :)

Materials used: Maruto D04 #12-18

Thread: I prefer Uni 17/0 but any  thin thread can be used

Tail: Coq de Leon Indio in light brown- dun color

Body: body hearl or condor substitute in different colors to match the hatch

Hackle: Ultra Selected CDC  from Trout Line in natural tan color

Lets start:

I prefer to use a dubbing loop for CDC because in this way  the CDC barbs will be more dense and will sit nicely on the hook shank. More than that is used with hackle only a small length of the hook shank. Using the entire feather you’ll use  a big part of hook shank for making the hackle because the stem of the feather is not very slim.

You can see how I make the “8” shape with the thread and I spread the barbs on the sides

I hope that I can give you a nice burst for sit down and tie a few flies like this one :)