UV Pink Bug – simple and sexy

This fly is very easy to tie and very effective  in Winter time for  grayling. In UK rivers this nymph is deadly and tied on very small hooks can be used  for French style of nymphing. If you tie this fly  on large and medium hooks you can use it forCzech nymphing

Materials used:

Hooks: Demmon DGS 900BL or Demmon DGH 900BL #14

Thread: Demmon Hot Spot Thread -fluo orange or any orange thread

Body:  UV Pink/Hot Pink Peter’s Ribbing Quill

Wire: Hends Red wire – optional

Torax: Troutline nymph dubbing –  hot pink or any  pink  dubbing

Bead: Bidoz   Pink bead or Bidoz  Orange bead


Buzzers and catgut

Ok, I’m not an expert in buzzers but  from time to time I like to tie these flies. So today I tied a few  buzzers using catgut as a body material. It was easy and fun and took only  a  3min to tie one.

Material used:

Grub type of hooks :Daiichi D900 #12

Thread: red or black depending of the final color of  the buzzer

Body: Catgut dyed red or natural colored with a red marker


Nothing special, only just  my approach:

Material used:

Hook: Daiichi D1180 #12

Thread: Uni 8/0 Black

Lead: lead wire -0.3mm

Underbody: Devaux yellow  body thread

Body: Special Spike Dubbing

Tail: Guard European Hare

Tinsel: Oval Gold Tinsel from Uni

Back: Guard European Hare

Torax: Mad Rabbit Dubbing

All material can be found on www.troutline.ro or can me prepared by any fly tyer at home :)

cheers and happy tying!



Caddis Emergers

Because the Caddis flies start to fly all around here is an emerger that work here  in Eastern Europe and I have no doubt that will work everywhere:


For tying these flies I use:

-Demmon BL hooks

-Trout Line Super Selected CDC in olive and tan for body

-Underwing: TroutLine Khaki Campbell CDC

– Deer Hair for wing

-UV Ribbing quill for ribbing the body


Happy tying :)




Jigs for early season

In March and April is very cold outside  so you need a flies that goes very fast in the feeding area.

A great solution for me is to use nymph tied on jig hooks.

A newbie fisherman will ask why jigs? It is  simple: because  they don’t snag on the bottom very easy and because  these flies tied on jig hooks swim with the point  up.

Models are not complicated at all but in the rivers with high fishing  pressure you have to  be creative. A GRHE fly can be modified  a little bit using UV ribbing materials or holo tinsel.

Bellow you can find a step be step and a few models that I use  in cold, high  and muddy  waters:

Another  jig for muddy waters:

This one  is made  with Pure CDC Dubbing from Trout Line because CDC have more movement in waters than standard dubbing. I use this fly in deep poles with slow running waters.

Another series of  jig flies can be found here.

happy tying,



Another deadly nymph

I love to tie using catgut because the colors,  texture,  the final aspect of the flies are unique.

Bellow you can find another fly with a special place in my fly boxes:


Hook: Demmon DGH BL  #10-12

Thread: 8/0 Standard from Textreme

Body Thread: Cream Devaux body thread

Body: Catgut – in natural color

Torax: seal fur mixed with black rabbit dubbing

Bead: gold or black  tungsten bead

The Italian Job- the olive cdc emerger

I know this fantastic fly from an Italian friend. I use this fly  for Winter grayling fishing. It is one of the best dry fly that I use in this period.


Hooks: Demmon G900 BL #16-18

Thread: Textreme Pure Silk in olive, light olive, medium olive colors

Wing: CDC Khaki Campbell

Hackle: Whiting Brahma Hackle – one turn


Quill Baetis

This fly is one of the best nymph for fishing grayling using french style of nymphing.

For fishing trout I recommend to apply a layer of UV Resin from Deer Creek. In this way the body will be indestructible.


Hooks: Maruto Dohitomi D82 BL size #16

Thread: 17/0 Uni Thread

Body: hand cleaned peacock quill -natural color

Tail: nutria guard hair -dark natural

Torax: mad rabbit dubbing in natural and yellow mixed

Legs: hen mottled barbs from Brahma hen

Back: cream and olive body thread from Devaux


happy tying :)