Ants for fishing trout and Grayling

These are ants that I start tying from a while. I prefer on grub hooks instead of classic hook because I believe that an anatomical aspect will help in presentation  and will look more natural.pupking winged ant for trout and grayling


dark brown winged ant

black ant with white wings

black  and with cdc hackle

winged black ant for trout

I prefer to tie them on Demmon DGS 900 – a light barbless hook that I like for my delicate  flies ( not only for small terrestrial flies like small ants ). For body I used thread , for wings I used tips from rooster hackle and for hackle I use genetic hackle or CDC.

I recommend these flies to be used when you want to fish with dry flies but  there is not a hatch to provoke feeding of trout or grayling in surface of water. Also are excellent after a short Summer rain when  level of water is rising and is washing the  river bank. Then a lot of terrestrial insects are washed away and  fish start hunting close to the river bank. I hope  that you like  these flies and these few info helps :)



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