Ants for fishing trout and grayling

The ants season starting. You can see them everywhere, on the rivers bank, in the trees ,  very happy and full of energy. When small rains start, these ants are flushed away into the rivers. In that moment all fish eat  with frenzy all terrestrial bugs.

So in these situation  my advice is to have a few flies that look like ants because you will have very pleasant  surprises catching  nice fish.

ants without wings:


ants for trout and grayling

ants with wings:


ants with wings for trout and grayling


The difference between these ants and classic ants tied as artificial flies  is only the hook.

I preferred to use a curved barbless hook to give a more realistic appearance.

It is very interested that this fly   became to be very rare in our fly  box. I know this fly from old fishermen and all the time  these ants caught fish. I don’t have any idea why   is so rare and almost nobody have this fly in his fishing vest with others. Sometime we forgot simple flies and we are attracted by more complicated and shinny ones. We forgot also to keep tying and fishing as simple as possible,  but hey, maybe this is our human nature  :)

Anyway this one is a fly that can be tied in 3min so is not complicated and is fun to tie a few, even for warming your fingers for more complicate trout and grayling patterns :)


cheers and have fun tying flies :)



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