Hends Quill Nymphs

Again a nymph that is easy to tie: a Hends Quill Nymph.

What I like at this nymphs is the shades of the body color and the translucency. Another god aspect: is very  resistant  fly and it sinks very well. So for those who want to fish  using dry rods with long leaders (aprox 4-5m) and one nymph, this is a nymph that works well.

Materials used:

Maruto Fly hook D82 BL #18-14 (I prefer #18 and #16)

Thead: UTC 70 Denier thread orange and cream

Tail: any cock hackle fibers (I prefer Coq de Leon  in different colors)

Body: Hends Body Quill in different colors

Torax: Troutline SLF fibers  in different colors mixed

Bead: tungsten beads or brass beads


And the step by step:

I start tying the  fly with orange thread because I want to make a hot spot in the tail area:

Fixing the  Coq de Leon barbs to make the tails



Preparing the Hends Body Quill: as you can see,  the mylar band that is very fine is reinforced  with 2 very thing fibers. I take them out ,  otherwise I will have a bulky body.


Then I fix the Hends quill in the tail area.


Over the orange body I apply a layer of light cream  UTC thread to change  the under body color:


As you can see , the color of the body is very nice.   Depending of the type of the river  I can leave the color like  it is or I can  apply a few turns of darker  Hends Quill.


Bellow  is a a body that is darker near the bead and light cream to orange near the tail.


This type of fly is a stimulator so I  make 2-3 turns of Troutline SLF fibers in different colors mixed:


The fly is ready:


You can play using different Body Quill colors:




Tying time is around 3-5min /fly,  is efficient if is well used, is sexy and nice to tie :)

So guys, happy tying!

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