Fly tying – a better nymph for smart fish

For those who like to fish with nymphs here is one nymph that I use on rivers with high pressure of fishing. I like to use and test new materials because in time the fish will know all flies used by fishermen (of course if C&R is used) and will be difficult to catch.
So here where I am, in Lombardia – Italy, I like to go on river Adda, a famous river here in Italy. All the time I met fishermen and all the time I fish in places where others tried to catch a few trout with 10min or a half hour before. This is the reason that I modified a little bit my nymphs.
One of them is described bellow:

Hooks : curved caddis fly hooks : Demmon DGH #14

Thread : Orange Hot Spot Thread

Body : Pheasant tail feather – barbs – natural color

Tail :red-brown cock bars – you can use Coq de Leon Indio Rubion or from Indian capes

Ribbing: UV Ribbing

Torax : A mix of colors from hot spot dubbing

Hot Spots : orange color made by Demmon Hot Spot Thread

Bead: tungsten bead 3mm size










Have fun tying flies :)

3 thoughts on “Fly tying – a better nymph for smart fish

  1. Great nymph, I like it. And i like you pictures.

    Other question, what kind of camera do you use or what kind of macro lense are you using. I got a 70-300, F4-5,6 macro but canĀ“t get close enough for pictures like that.

  2. Thanks, I’m glad that you like the flies and the photos :) I use an old Nikon D70s and a Nikkor Micro 60mm 2.8D

  3. Great Fly. Purple works great for me. How come on your fly’s you do not counter wrap your riibbng material? It seems to me that when counter wrapping you get a much more defined rib and the rib is not bedding down into the dubbing and getting lost. Everyone does it different, just interested in your reasoning. Thanks.

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