Working with Super Long Hair

Super Long Hair is a new material from Textreme Italy. At a first glance you are impressed by colors, hues, brightness and transparency. When having it in your hand you immediately notice that the fibers are flexible and delicate as well as strong.

At the beginning I was skeptical about the density of the fibers. They didn’t seem to be enough. I admit that I was used to working with cactus chenille and other synthetic chenille that are denser. After I started using it I liked the fact that the material is fixed on a thin core and the fibers are arranged mainly just on one side so that they can be worked very easily with during tying.

I tied a few shrimps and realized that the density of the fibers is exactly what it need to be: dense enough to give volume and sparse enough to allow it to move well in water. The core of the material lays down well giving making an excellent body.

Here are a few photos of the material:

I tied a few patterns for sea trout and other species of salt water and here is what I came out:

I can definitely say that it is a very interesting and pleasant material to work with. It gives you ideas and lets your imagination fly. Strong and nicely colored, this material became one of my favorite. I consider it a must for tying these types of streamers and other flies for salt water.

Those who are interested in buying this material can find it on in fly tying section with brushes,chenille and braid

Catgut – a great material for tying flies

Catgut, a natural absorbable suture is obtained by longitudinally slitting the intestinal submucosa of sheep and goat, twisting the ribbons and joining them in wet condition giving monofilament finish. Catgut have 2 colors: natural or plain (ivory -cream color) and Chromic (dark brown color).For a long period, catgut was the most common material for the strings of harps, violins, and  as well as other stringed musical instruments.

Catgut is a great fly tying material and  lies tied with catgut looks very realistic.

Here is a few pictures with nymphs tied on size #10 and #12


Flies tied with size #16 and #18: