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Wading studs for fishing boots are a must have accessories for a fisherman. If you want to have the best stability in fishing time when you go in waters then only felt sole or only vibram sole are not enough – in my opinion. I don’t take a walk in river, I wade in and I really go in deep and dangerous parts in rivers. I need stability so , for me, o studs are very important! For this reason I searched a lot to find some good boots with studs. Finally I found at Simms, strong enough for my needs. I love old Freestone boots because are not expensive and are very well made. Unfortunately for me the genuine studs was not on my taste. I didn’t had so much confidence in hard bite studs buy what a heck, I took them because the boots was very well made.
After a fishing season , no more than 60 fishing days the studs started to have problems.





My boots resisted without any problems ( old model Freestone from Simms. )


Let me be clear, fishing is my passion my equipment is for fishing, is not a Ferrari to wash him and take care of him like a maniac. My boots and my waders are simply trow in fishing bag after a fishing day. I don’t polish my boots , my reels and my rods. I only use them for fishing and that’s it. I have friends who love equipment more than fishing but I’m not like them :) So I put pictures of my boots like they are after a fishing season. These boots are difficult to find because they are out from market for more than 5 years if I don’t make a mistake. But I like them and I was very happy when I founded in a local shop.

Now I saw some studs that look nice and durable and I will change those “hard bites” with these studs with tungsten heads. Tungsten is very resistant, on material scale had 74 position, and for those who don’t know tungsten is wolfram in Mendeleev table.


Tungsten has W simbol and is a white-silver metal when is pure.The crystal tungsten shape is cubic, is not brittle and very strong. The density is 19,3grams/cmc. Tungsten has the highest melting temperature and for this reason is used as filament for bulbs. Also is known that is very low reactive compared with other metals and materials and is very stable. Some alloys based on tungsten like W2C,WC and W2C3 can be compared in hardness with diamonds
Also is very important to know that tungsten is non-toxic instead lead is very toxic!
So my friends, if you want to buy studs for your boots buy those with tungsten and nothing else! If you are looking for them I’m happy to tell you that www.troutline.ro sells them here : http://www.troutline.ro/troutline-classic-tungsten-studs-for-wading-boots



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