Dry flies for my friends

These are dry flies that I tie when I have time for my friends.
Yellow Condor Dun in size #14, 16 and 18.
The story with this fly started a few good years ago when I went for fishing for my first time in Slovenia on Sava. I noticed some yellow dun flies in air and fish eat only those flies. I tried to imitate them using threads and other materials. I had a yellow Condor Substitute from Mouche Devaux and I tied a few in size #16 and #18. I start catching grayling and trout one after other until O lost them. I went at the fishing lodge to tie again and I can say that I had a beautiful fishing trip. This yellow condor dun was the fly of my first trip in Slovenia. From then I have all the time tied in size #14, 16 and 18 at least 5 for each size.
The following is tied similar with previous fly but is tied using Slovak way of tying dry flies with CDC. I learn this technique for my friend Peter Durisik, a fantastic Slovak tier that I admire a lot. The torax made of dubbing help the CDC wing to stay erect and to not lay over the body after first casts.
Yellow Condor Dun Slovak Style in size #14, 16 and 18step 20

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