How to use the Vosseler Tool

A few friends asked me how can be used the Vosseler Clip Tool.
Unfortunately Ralf Vosseler , my friend, the guy who make those fantastic German fly Reels don’t have a video and, in my opinion don’t make a promo and make videos “how to use” his tool.
So I decided to make myself 2 videos. Those video are not pro, but enough to have an idea how to use this tying tool

In past I used for more than 5 years PetitJean Tool. In fact it was only tool that you found on the market. When I visited an expo in Budapest and I met Ralf Vosseler and when I saw his tool I said: “oh, some kind of PetitJean Tool”. That time I was a big fan of Petitjean tool. He was very kind and explain me why is not a ” kind of Petitjean tool” and why is a better tool.
-You can adjust the power grip. You cannot do this with Petitjean tool!
-You can trim the material on the both side, You cannot do this with Petitjean tool!
-You can set it like you want and grip different pieces of dubbing or hair easy and fast. You cannot do this with Petitjean tool!
You can use with deer hair. You cannot do this with Petitjean tool ( in fact you can, but you will loose a lot of fibers over the desk!)
You can make and set puff of barbs easy and fast, you cannot do this with Petitjean tool!
You can work with small CDC feathers or any small soft feather, you cannot do that with Petitjean tool.

When you work with CDC you will not loose barbs on the table, with Petitjean almost half of them you will loose due the 2 or 3 movements that you have to do to prepare the CDC so that you can be able to catch the puff with your fingers.

If you drop down the Petitjean tool and cross with your foot over, you will have small pieces of plexiglas all over. You can go with your car over Vosseler tool without any problem, maybe you will destroy your tire.

To be clear, I’m a fly tyier like everybody and all the time I’m trying to simplify my working process and not to loose time when I tie flies. For me spending more than 5-6min on a fly is a waist of time.
Just my 2 cents opinion :)

happy tying,


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