Chamois Caddis Pupae

I like Chamois for his texture. When gets wet  the material have a nice cream translucency

I tied a few flies with this material and the shapes and the colors are great:

And the step by step:


Hooks : Daiichi D900 #12

Thread: Textreme 6/0 black

Body Thread: Micro Floss Textreme Thread

Body: Chamois strip

Torax: Mad Rabbit Dubbing in natural color

Bead: Tungsten bead in black color size 3.5mm

3 thoughts on “Chamois Caddis Pupae

  1. Hi Lucian, Great looking caddis fly! where do you get the Chamois as I would love to get my hands on some.



    • Hi Daniport,
      sorry for my late reply – I miss your comment.
      You can find Chamois leather  in car shops. It ‘s used for window cleaning


  2. I love the Chamois Caddis! Easy to tie and very effective.
    I have also tied it using lead wire, peacock hurl and using artificial sinew. You can get a roll of artificial sinew at hobby and craft stores for a couple of bucks.

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