Catgut Pupae

Catgut is a great fly tying material for making nice flies with realistic aspect.If you are interested in catgut, you can find  more info here.

Caddis pupae is one of the most effective flies for trout and grayling in Spring and Summer fishing time.

Here is the step by step:


Hook: Maruto Dohitomi C46WBL #12

Thread: Textreme Standard 6/0 thread-black color

Body Thread: Devaux yellow body thread

Body: Catgut – natural

Gills: White rabbit dubbing

Legs: Partridge hackle

Torax: Mad Rabbit Dubbing – natural and rust mixed

Bead: Tungsten bead – gold color

happy tying :)


7 thoughts on “Catgut Pupae

  1.  HI Lucian. What kind of setup do you use to photograph your flies? Another nice tie.

  2. Hi Bruce,
    I use  a nikon D70s ( an old DSLR Nikon ) and a 60mm macro lens.  The background is  blue or white paper.

  3. Hi Lucian,
    I tied the version of your caddis pupa with chamois leather for the body & no tungsten bead so it fishes higher in the water, caught three fish in as many casts the other evening, fantastic fly.

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