3 Candies for trout and grayling

These flies are among  my favorite flies for nymph fishing. I use them almost all the time, in deep waters, fast waters and in muddy  waters. These all around patterns are  versatile and can be used  for the entire fly fishing season.

Beside  the colors of the bodies, texture of the materials and hot spots,  the hook used for these flies assures  their efficiency: short shank and wide gap offers a great contact with the fish during the drill.




Hooks: Maruto Dohitomi D9626 BL #14-16

Thread:Textreme  Micro Floss – yellow

Hot Spot Thread: Standard Thread 3/0 – fluo hot orange

Body: turkey biot in tan, brown and light olive colors

Tail: coq de leon: corzuno claro, flor de escoba and rubion

Torax: mad rabbit dubbing

Beads: Tungsten  gold beads

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